Holiday’s biggest blockbuster: 8 uses, 1 super-pan
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Holiday’s biggest blockbuster: 8 uses, 1 super-pan

We’re Obsessed

This isn’t just any old kitchen gadget, it’s a super-pan. Experience it for yourself in a kitchen near you for only $60.

In the kitchen, you’re a superhero. Saving civilians from the threat of hunger, or worse—bad food, can be tiring. What you need is a more than capable sidekick. Meet your new counterpart in culinary crusades: The .

Meat lacking a punch? SEAR! BRAISE! FRY! The 8-in-1 pan springs to action evenly distributing heat to seal in those juices. Need a big batch of oatmeal fast? BAKE! It’s oven-safe up to 320°F. Veggies tasting tired? STEAM! SAUTÉ! Bonus: Our super-pan is made with durable non-stick coating, that allows for easy food release and clean up. Fettuccini won’t all fit in the pot? BOIL! STRAIN! The wide base and high wall will get you even al dente pasta before the stainless-steel steamer basket rescues every last noodle.


One-Pan Pumpkin Curry

Level: Easy

Preparation: 5 mins

Ready in: 30 mins

Check it out

Its most impressive ability is the price. At only $60, you can gift everyone around you with superpowers this holiday season.

8 ways to use our

1. Sear: Get a crispy finish on fish, meat and more.

2. Bake: The handles stay cool and oatmeal gets toasty in an oven up to 320F.

3. Fry: Sunny-side eggs slide off our durable non-stick coating.

4. Steam: Use the included stainless-steel basket and tight-fitting lid.

5. Sauté: Makes meals big enough for a family of four, like this easy One-Pan Pumpkin Curry.

6. Braise: This pan is ideal for low and slow one-pot comfort meals.

7. Strain: It’s a cinch with our soft-grip, cool-touch handle and stainless-steel steaming basket.

8. Boil: Make pasta for your crew in up to 4L of water.

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