Own the dessert table—no oven required

Own the dessert table—no oven required

Delicious Desserts

When dessert tastes this good, you don’t want one, you want them all. A little chocolate, citrus curd and, of course, the croissant—grab a plate because we’ve got a lineup of no-bake mini desserts waiting for you (and your guests).

PC® Mini Key Lime Pies

There are some desserts so delicious we keep coming back to them year after year (and always keep a freezer stash for emergency cravings). Yes, we’re talking about our . Graham cracker crust, smooth citrus filling and a can’t-resist lime curd center: excuse us, we’re placing a PCTM Express order.

PC® Mini Mousses Desserts

Life is full of enough difficult choices. Choosing between our Chocolate Truffle or Tiramisu Mousse shouldn’t be one of them. Our convenient six-pack comes with three of each flavour, making it easy to have both! Chocolate lovers get dark chocolate mousse on chocolate sponge, and the few who aren’t get something lighter—a vanilla sponge with roasted coffee-flavoured mousse.

PC® Black Label® Madagascar Vanilla Marshmallows

Every dessert tray should have a little something unexpected on it—and this is that. Pillowy-soft marshmallows from England that turn to fluff in hot chocolate and your mouth. Eating one is like wrapping yourself in a sweet vanilla hug. Or a butterscotch one, if you prefer that flavour. You’ll definitely want some more.

PC® Croissant Bread Pudding Desserts

Ok, we told a little fib. You do need your oven for this one, but just to warm these flaky, all-butter croissants to perfection. Then you need a simple topping—whipped cream and berries always delivers. Admire the masterpiece you created before digging in.

PC® Organics Mini Milk Chocolates

Don’t forget to give your guests a sweet to enjoy later alongside their late-night coffee or stashed in a coat pocket for a walk to see the lights. These mini bars hit just right—creamy fair-trade chocolate imported from Europe. Better set some aside for yourself before guests grab ‘em by the handful.

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