Succulent Peking-inspired duck with a you-inspired cook time
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Succulent Peking-inspired duck with a you-inspired cook time

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Nothing tastes quite like tradition! Rich, tasty and ready in less time than you’d think, this could be the most delicious thing you wrap all holiday season. Enjoy as a delicious departure from your ordinary dinner or an appetizer that will win over any guest.

Duck meat can be notoriously decadent, but everyone deserves to savour a taste of the high life. Especially when it’s been seasoned, prepared and cooked down in a way it’s been done for generations. The result is perfectly juicy, succulent meat and crackling, flavourful skin, served on ultra-thin pancakes, with crunchy veg and a special sauce. It’s a meal truly worthy of royalty, but who has the time to follow centuries-old cooking techniques these days?

Inspired by an authentic family recipe, we’ve simplified the preparation of both the duck and the sides in this storied meal. And we can’t forget the sauce that brings it all together. We spent months looking for that perfect blend of hoisin and sweet bean paste. When we couldn’t find it, we made our own. Now you can bring a Peking duck experience to your table in under an hour. Aren’t you a lucky duck? Find the new in the frozen section. (While you’re at it, grab a fresh cucumber to julienne for an additional garnish and thank us later!)

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